The Secret To Weight Loss Success

Secret to Weight Loss Success

Why is it that some people lose weight so easily and some don’t… I’ve been Coaching for several years and I have the Coaches view. This view allows me to see what a client doesn’t.

You ask. What is it?

It’s what’s holding them back from losing weight. We can see what they would need to change to make this happen.

So you ask again, what is it?

The thing that holds them back… is… THEM or better yet, YOU!

Same old thinking same old results

Take a second to let it soak in and you’ll realize that YOU are holding YOU back from achieving weight loss.

I know this all too well, I’ve been there! I have had my weight loss struggles, challenges and successes. The successes came from understanding that no matter what, I can have what I want!

How? By not making excuses! This article was written so that you know how to make certain changes to get started on the fast track to weight loss. Once you stop making excuses and stop holding yourself back, weight loss becomes soooo easy!

Losing weight doesn’t have to be hard, and in all actuality it’s not hard to lose weight. You’re making it hard!

So here are a few quick tips to get started on making it easy! Take back your life and start NOW!

Schedule time for yourself! Many of us schedule our lives in our calendars, we know where we need to be when for our kids, our husband or wife but we don’t make times for ourselves. It might sound silly at first but scheduling your workouts is effective! This is like any other appointment that you have.

Find inspiration through videos or books or quotes. This works so well for me, I find music especially uplifting! I keep a dream board with my aspirations and I don’t let anything get in my way!

Time is your friend; patience and understanding that you didn’t gain the weight overnight and you sure as hell aren’t going to lose it overnight!

Most people give up right before results start happening. Patience has become a lost art.

Find a Support Group! I can’t stress this one enough, having people around you that know what your going through is a huge help in reaching your goal!

New mindset new results.

Until Next Time!

Your Soul Warrior Mike

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