These are just some of the Soul Warriors that have achieved success using our Body Transformation Programs

Michael is the Owner & President of Soul Warrior and understands very intimately what it takes to transform your Mind, Body & Soul! 

“I’ve had ups and downs in life like everyone else, I’m not immune to life’s obstacles.  I have however figured out how to overcome them and come out swinging!”
– Mike


Samantha came to us with a goal of leaning out and working on shapely muscles!  She has done just that! Her next goal is to step on stage for Bikini Competitions.
– Sam

Stephanie turned injury into success, and a whole new body. The result? A whole new lifestyle built around sustainable weight loss and energy-fueled nutrition.
– Stephanie

Wayne spent 3 months with us and lost a total of 40 lbs!  He continues to workout today and has taken a new understanding of weight training and nutrition knowledge with him.
– Wayne

Matt lost 25 lbs, felt younger and his golf game was getting better!
– Matt

Becky found a new sense of confidence with her new body.  With weight training, nutrition support and guidance she began to lose weight!
– Becky

Through coaching and hard work, Justin got his mind and body into peak physical form and he’s just getting started…
– Justin

Through dedication to nutrition and a solid workout regimen Alex was able to get the conditioning he needed to go through 13 weeks of intense Marine Bootcamp!  Alex is now back home and continuing to better himself through his Health Regimen!
– Alex