StrongYOU™ Group Fitness Class Sessions

Located at Pro-Fitness Plus, Billerica MA

This class is located at Pro-Fitness Plus 333 Boston Rd, Billerica Ma 01821

What is StrongYOU™ Group Fitness Training Sessions?

 You don’t have to be an athlete, bodybuilder or fitness competitor to get extraordinary results with StrongYOU™ Fitness Training. This comprehensive strength & conditioning program will build muscle, burn fat and improve your fitness all at the same time! You’ll safely learn all the basic exercises that are incorporated into the StrongYOU™ group fitness training session.

We have the foundation of your strength-training design. We include various equipment and exercises to get you the best and fastest results possible.

StrongYOU™ Fitness Training has come from years of Coach Michael’s training; it comes from Coach Michael’s experience in Bodybuilding, Strongman Training, Power-lifting, Obstacle Course Training, and Olympic Lifting & Boot Camp Workouts. He has taken the best from all of them and put them into an order that generates amazing progress.
There is a format here and we will help you stay on track with our accountability trackers. You will keep track of your workouts, and the weights you use. Doing this allows you to make progress by looking back and seeing that you need to increase your weights, which is where results happen!
These group sessions are 90 minute sessions

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