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We are one of the wealthiest countries in the world, but not one of the healthiest. Our Nation has some of the worst statistics on illnesses. Health and Wellness and solving this problem start with our awareness about personal health and the mind, body, spirit connection.

During a discussion with my chiropractor a few weeks ago about being healthy (ability to get out of bed easily, walk or run easily, keep weight under control, etc.) we both agreed that most people are stubborn and full of excuses. Addictions to flossing and fitness would be a good thing, but instead, an addiction to checking the latest news on the smart phone and buying and eating whatever fits their fancy, giving them an immediate adrenaline hit, at least a few times a day, has become the norm. Following what others do all day has become the norm rather than taking care of our most precious gift, the human body. As an accountant, I see the spending habits of businesses and individuals first-hand. Many Americans will opt to spend the least amount of their wealth on their health and wellness (simple fitness, holistic nutrition, and energy healing techniques), but later are forced to spend their wealth on their health because they have become so ill. Does this make sense?

So why is this happening?

Social Media helps us see it first-hand. Most are justifying the expensive and immediate gratification lifestyle by choosing to buy designer clothing and accessories, weekly spa treatments, morning high end coffee stops, expensive cocktail and dining experiences, multiple expensive weekend and vacation holidays, luxury vehicles and homes so they can show off to others. Yet, those same people will balk and complain over the cost of high-quality organic foods, preventative wellness services (ie: chiropractic, massage therapy, fitness, acupuncture, energy healing & reiki etc.…). In fact, if a holistic wellness service is not covered by insurance (this is changing ever so slowly), many will opt out of buying it just on the principal of cost not covered by an insurance company and inevitably choose sickness over wellness.

The psychology of spending is interesting, and my fitness, nutrition and energy healing colleagues discuss this all the time with me. For this article, though, I am going to focus on the psychology of finances which explains why people behave in this manner.

People’s spending behavior on material tangible items rather than personal health and wellness goes back to childhood and what we learned at an incredibly early age, (around 7 years old) when we start to learn about money and its power. We look at our neighbors, friends and peers and discover where we fit in amongst the financial circle of life.

· Did you like how you were feeling when you looked around you and observed other’s lifestyles?

· Were you comfortable or uncomfortable?

· Did your parents buy whatever they wanted when they wanted or were they conservative, humble spenders?

· Where did you fit among your peers and how did that make you feel?

· Did your parents discuss money calmly or were the conversations explosive?

· Was money spent on high quality food and homemade or was dining out the norm?

· Was money spent on alcohol rarely, regularly, or often?

· Was money spent on being active or sedentary?

· What were your parents’ money values and how did their money discussions affect your thoughts and ideas about how you spend your wealth today?

How you value self-care and whether you prioritize spending money on wellness today, all stems back to childhood.

Break the vicious cycle of putting your health on the back burner, behind all else in life and spend some of your hard-earned wealth on your health and wellness.

Food for Thought: Did you know that getting into the habit of fitness training (4x/month) or a month of nutrition consulting is equal to two habits you can live without?

· 5 days of a Starbucks Iced Dark Chocolate Mocha $30/week or $120/month

· Dinner out average cost per person is $28 with drinks $35+ or $140/month

Holistic methods of health and wellness are not costly, and they are preventative medicine. 95% of all diseases can be cured with proper nutrition. I know personally, because I take care of myself by staying fit (exercise 3-4x/week) and eating nutrient dense foods, limiting alcohol intake. Every night I try to get at least 6-8 quality hours of sleep..

You can create a world of freedom if you are mindful of your spending. If you want to break the mindless spending cycle and want to feel great every day with an adrenaline rush triggered by endorphins from wellness initiatives rather than an adrenaline rush from an impulsive purchase, please contact me or anyone on my TEAM at Soul Warrior Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness.

We are all about everlasting Health and Wellness, teaching and guiding you to live a lifestyle where the mind, body and spirit connection promotes positive behavior and overall health and wellness.

Wellness does not come from what you see on the outside, it comes from deep within!

Set Your Soul on Fire and Awaken the Warrior Within!

Coach Stephanie Parker

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