Robert Spremulli Interview August 19, 2021

Rob is in his 30’s and works in the high-tech world, spending most of his workday sitting at a desk and looking at a screen. Bob understood the importance of having a private trainer, realizing his own pre-existing back problems, ever since he was a young man. He always knew he needed to address his back issues, but like most people, time got away from him and he procrastinated.

Rob started with physical therapy to help him jump start strength training for his spinal weaknesses, largely due to a degenerative disk. Building strength in the muscles surrounding the spine and in the core are vital for helping us walk and move without continuous pain, something Rob understands.

Rob’s advice about injuries is to see a physical therapist first to analyze, address, and begin the process of correcting the damage, then transition into working out to maintain that healthy back. . In Rob’s case, that includes therapeutic massage and personal training with Eric. Rob actually had Eric talk to and work with his physical therapist to ensure that the exercises done would strengthen and not reinjure him, something Eric was happy to do.

Working with someone who is extremely knowledgeable is what he appreciates most of Eric who knows what to do on the fly. If Rob comes in with any type of physical body pain, Eric addresses the problem quickly and adjusts the exercises to suit Bob’s needs without hesitation. At the same time, working with Eric helps prevent Rob from procrastinating about his back health again.

Rob said he has noticed a lot of changes since he began his training with Eric. After he had been training with Eric for some time, he went to move something at his home, and thought to himself, “Wow, that is not as heavy as I remember it being. “

Eric has given Rob some pointers on nutrition, but in general, Rob is comfortable with his nutrition, so he does not need too much help in that arena. He does appreciate Eric’s nutrition tips and pointers here and there. Eric is great in that he didn’t push the unwanted advice either. All in all, Eric has been a great help in getting Rob to a healthier state.


Eric Natale is a Master Personal Trainer at Soul Warrior Fitness, Nutrition & Wellness, whose personal training and coaching experience includes working with people of all ages and abilities. Eric is certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) both as a Trainer and in Nutrition and is also certified by the Clean Health Fitness Institute as a Strength Coach. You can request Eric as a Virtual or in Person Personal Trainer at our location in Beverly MA located at 131 Dodge Street.

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