Nutrition has become increasingly overwhelming to understand over the years.   


Because of all the misinformation and crappy cookie cutter programs that have been created.   

Basic nutrition is simple; it equals FOOD IS FUEL. 

Understanding nutrition at its most basic level is the first part of weight loss & body transformation!   

Following fad diets will help you see results initially, but you will not be able to sustain those results long term. You will never learn how to eat properly and more importantly; those diets will skew your perception of what nutrition really is.   

If you feel overwhelmed every time you think about weight loss, this is why!  These programs are made for the general public but in the same breath are not made for the individual and your unique circumstances around food. They are not all created equally but all have the same intention behind them – they are selling ease. 

Take a step back and look at our ancestors and how they ate. They ate for fuel, plain and simple. We have changed our basic nutritional needs, and this has changed our behavior and relationship with food drastically and not for the better.   

I’m not saying you need to eat bland foods, but you must understand what is right for you VS all the BS that is out there.   

You can eat food with flavor and still have a plan that works for you, one that is not loaded with processed chemicals.  I could get into the breakdown of all the ways you could eat, what type of foods to eat and how you can put them all together for a perfectly balanced meal plan, but instead, I’m going to focus on helping you understand your relationship with food.   

Food has always been a way to bring us together and continues to do so.  We sit around the table with friends and family, telling stories of how our day went or how the week has been lousy and while we are talking, food is at the center, making it possible for us to gather in this way.  This alone can make you think that food is LOVE and in with that thought at the forefront, we then gravitate to food to fill a void.   

If we are lonely, we eat.    

If we are sad, we eat.    

If we are mad, we eat.    

If we are sex starved, we eat.    

We eat because we are bored.  

We eat just because we can……  

Get the picture?  

We experience so many feelings and emotions and each one of them leads us to EAT!  Why is that?    

The truth is, we are eating to suppress those emotions and limit our interactions with those feelings.   We don’t want to feel sad, mad, bored & lonely.  We want to feel as if those needs are being met, yet they are NOT!  Sooooo, we eat!    

The first thing we must do is admit to ourselves that this is the case and start to FEEL instead of eating our feelings.  This is easier said than done as some of us have deep rooted trauma causing these behavioral patterns with food.  Food provides us a quick fix and takes away the pain temporarily, just like a pill prescribed by a doctor.  Food is readily available these days and is incredibly easy to abuse our need for it.    

So, how do we fix it?  There are a few things that you must do to start the process of not eating your feelings. 

  1. You must become self-aware and make the realization that you are eating your emotions!  This is the first and most important step in this process. 
  2. We need to understand the long-term effects of processed foods on our digestive system.   How do we do this?  We educate ourselves through reading and finding a coach to work with.  Coaches who have gone through what I described above can relate to you and what you are going through.  Find someone who understands your struggle and who can coach you through it.   
  1. Unlearning = you must unlearn most of what we have learned around food and our experiences with food over the years.  Growing up, my mom used food to show love and would constantly feed us in a way to say, I love you.  This is a very tough concept to unlearn and is detrimental to your future success in learning that food is not love. 

When you start this process, only then will you be able to start on the road to body transformation in a healthy way.  Your relationship with food stems from past experiences and possibly traumatic events in your life.  If you suspect that this is the case, please seek help in the form of a Certified Coach. 

I hope you have learned something new here and that it helps you in re-evaluating yourself and what works for you.

Coach Michael is a Master Life Coach, Food & Behavior Coach & Personal Trainer.

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