Health Insurance Benefits and Employee Benefits for your Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness Services

Did I capture your attention?

Great, here is the good news! Insurance Companies and Corporate America are finally understanding that high insurance premiums and our current health care system is not helping the sick and not preventing sickness. I am reading a book by Dr Livingood (yup, his real name). He studies it all and we are not getting more healthy but sicker. The yearly increases to our insurance premiums is just covering all the sickness and not helping those who want to become healthy or stay healthy.

Therefore, both the insurance companies and corporate America are making a concerted effort to entice, incentivize and support employees with their fitness, nutrition, and wellness goals.

Here is the tough to hear news, you need to open both your Health Insurance policy and your Employee Manual and read them. Ughhhh, who wants to look at their Employee Manual or Health Insurance Benefits Policy they are filled with language that many can barely understand, legal jargon, usually written by corporate and labor attorneys. For most people it is like reading hieroglyphics. I can usually figure out what they are saying only because I am an accountant who is accustomed to reading legal jargon for my profession but, I also ask lots of questions. I am not afraid to get to the bottom of the jargon.

I am here to help you figure out what you have as benefits that will help you attain the health and wellness you desire and deserve.

Why am I willing to do this?

Soul Warrior Consulting and our TEAM want you to stay healthy. That is our mission!

Everyone on our TEAM became educated by obtaining certifications in fitness, nutrition and wellness and must continue their education every 2 years to keep the certifications because it is our passion in life. We want to be healthy ourselves and help others feel and look great just like US! Our health and happiness is super contagious! The type of contagious we all need right now!!

How do we help you stay healthy?

We sell you services on how to become and maintain being healthy and keep sickness away or if sick, get you to bounce back quickly.

Our services are moderately priced and in some of the consumer’s minds expensive but that is relatively speaking. What is more important than taking care of your mind-body-spirit connection, treasuring its resources, and understanding that no one is going to take care of you better than You?

It is you who decides whether you are worth the cost!

Ask yourself if you treat your health as your wealth. Is your mind, body and spirit more important than anything else in the world. Don’t expect your wife, husband, kids or friends to tell you to spend whatever you see fit on yourself. Don’t be naïve, if you spend money on yourself that means you will be cutting into their budgets for shelter, food, travel, recreation, wearables and impressable (luxury cars, houses, jewelry and clothing).

My advice is to stop over thinking it and stop saying, I can’t afford it and start looking at your Employee Manual and your Health Insurance policy. Both are meant to direct you and take care of you if you are sick, but in light of the past 10 years of exorbitant increases in the premiums, most companies are fighting back and asking the Insurance Companies to provide ways to keep the premiums low and affordable.

Here are some facts:

Health insurance policies offer discounts on the following:

  • Fitness Center Membership discounts or reimbursements up to a certain $$ amount.
  • Nutrition Consults and Supplement discounts and reimbursements
  • Mind and Body Treatments including
    • Mindfulness and Stress Reduction
    • Natural Therapies-aromatherapy, homeopathic remedies, meditation, yoga and other natural remedies
    • Acupuncture Treatments and Massage Therapy
  • A variety of Services related to good health

Most policies will reimburse partially for the following:

  • Weight loss programs covered for 2 months, look at your plan
  • Annual Memberships at a gym
  • Personal Training Sessions for obtaining overall health, not getting ready for a beauty competition or body building competition.

Some policies offer Fitness Rebates

  • Fitness Centers with Group Exercise classes as long at they offer cardio and strength training and other programs for improved physical fitness.

Wellness incentives exists and some are reimbursed through your Health Savings account (HAS) or Health Reimbursement account (HRA).

It is important to call your Human Resource department and look at your health insurance policies and EE manuals. If you don’t, you are leaving money on the table and it is not in your pocket for you to spend on your fitness, nutrition & wellness.

Best of Health & Wellness this Holiday Season!

Please contact me if you would like assistance looking at your Employee Manual, Health Insurance policy or HSA/HRA rules.

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Certified Life Coach, Health and Financial Wellness Consultant