Elena Cowen Interview 8-24-21

Elena is in her 30’s and is excited about getting married in October. She is looking forward to feeling and looking great.

She came to the gym in Winter, 2020 right before the Covid epidemic shut down and was overweight and seeking to get healthier.  She had been on a weight loss journey before with a starting weight of 305 and lost 130lbs.  This time it was to get conditioned so she could get back to her passion for Jujitsu which she started again in July, 2021. Elena indicated that she understands how this improves the quality of her life by making many tasks easier when you are no longer feel exhausted most of the day and when you mentally feel good about yourself, because you are taking care of yourself. Having a personal trainer such as Eric makes you aware of being accountable and although she understood nutrition and macros from her first weight loss journey, this time it is different because Eric always asks her how she is doing weekly based upon her current work out routines. He Cares about her well being.

For Elena, the most noticeable part about about strength training is how quickly she was able to increase the weights on a weekly basis. Elena also appreciates that a personal trainer is pushing her to lift and move higher weight. Although she always pushes herself, she appreciates that Eric encourages her to push higher weight, knows her capabilities and has realistic expectations. She is now deadlifting  200Lbs.

Elena feels comfortable with Eric’s as her trainer. “He is sociable, available to answer questions and he does not judge the client, just wants to help the client.”

Elena joined the Soul Warrior Strong You classes and liked the healthy competition amongst the class participants. She was one of the participants that would go up on the weight without blinking.

She is appreciating the energy she has to keep up with all of her pets such as playing with them-her English Bulldog (Loki), American Stafforshire Terrier (Caesar), and her exotic reptile pets.

She is looking forward to kayaking again because she now has the energy along with core and upper body strength.

She ended the conversation by telling us that her experience with Eric has been great and she is so grateful to have met him.