Interview with Chad Harden 8-20-21

Chad is in his early 40’s and is a project manager for an AV company. He works at different job sites during the day therefore he has a very busy schedule where he is always juggling his time. He also has a busy lifestyle which includes keeping up with his young son’s basketball schedule, spending quality time with his wife and getaway fishing trips up north.

He started working with Soul Warrior Consulting’s Private Master Trainer Eric Natale this past Spring because he was seeking accountability. He understands he is not a self-starter and is not motivated to get into the gym without a private trainer. He was a former client of Mike LoColle and participated in his Strong You classes prior to the Covid 19 Epidemic. During the epidemic he had some time to think about his goals and realized that gaining muscle and core strength were his first priorities and feeling fit overall was something he wanted every day, not just some days.

Chad’s son loves going to the gym with him and seeing what his dad is doing so a few times over the summer, Chad brought him to his Private Training Session where he could observe the session. Eric provided them both with some challenging exercises they could perform at home.

Chad and his wife, who is also into feeling physically fit (she started her journey a few years ago), want to be consistent. Each has their own way of being accountable to themselves. Chad acknowledges that keeping his appointments with the trainer are what help him the most. He and his wife understand the importance of wellness at an early age and want to keep up with their active son as he matures.

Chad has been struggling with the nutrition side of his overall fitness journey because he does not eat properly due to work stress. He is looking forward to focusing on his nutrition over the next few months with some guidance from Soul Warrior Consulting.