Interview with Brandon McKenzie 8-20-21

Brandon is in his in early 40’s and works from his home at his home office. Brandon is a busy professional who works in the financial industry.

He started working in the gym with Master Private Trainer Eric one week before Covid hit on March 17, 2020, and ever since that time he has been training with Eric virtually, not stepping a foot into the gym since. Brandon is okay with this since he has a nice space in his home with some gym basics, all things good enough to get in a great work out with Eric.

He and Eric zoom for his weekly session. The sessions started out to correct some athletic injuries, mostly from high school and college basketball and track and field.

Prior to working with Eric, Brandon was working out on his own and wanted a trainer to help him get rid of his bad training and exercise habits. While he was in college, his coaches were great but they were not Division 1 coaches, and therefore, were not given the same resources as the Division 1 schools. Brandon discovered that the coaches were not educated in injury prevention or how to correct form, build a program or teach correct technique, which became problematic for him.

Happy with his overall level of fitness now, Brandon feels he is as physically strong as when he was in his 20’s and 30’s. Eric has helped him “unlearn bad habits and learn good habits.” He is not looking for beach muscles, but he is looking to be symmetrical and to be pushed to work his full body, top to bottom.

Brandon is a motivated individual and understands that moving and lifting your own body weight is a way to work out and using weights in a large gym is not necessary to obtain a great workout. Brandon says “The key is working all the right muscles and that is why a personal trainer is so important.”

Eric and Brandon consistently check in on his diet. Eric asks him if he is eating enough fats and protein to sustain the work outs and his physical activity.

Often Brandon hears from others who indicate that their vision of a private trainer is the drill sergeant persona and someone who is going to push them beyond their comfort zone, which is intimidating. Brandon usually sets them straight and tells them about his experience with Eric at Soul Warrior Consulting, which is far from intimidating, but just the opposite. He loves working with a trainer virtually and at this point in his fitness journey, it works for him and his busy business and personal life.