Chad Harden

Interview with Chad Harden 8-20-21 Chad is in his early 40’s and is a project manager for an AV company. He works at different job sites during the day therefore he has a very busy [...]

Elena Cowan

Elena Cowen Interview 8-24-21 Elena is in her 30’s and is excited about getting married in October. She is looking forward to feeling and looking great. She came to the gym in Winter, 2020 right [...]

Dalton James

Interview with Dalton James Thursday 8-19-21 Dalton is a 28-year-old software engineer and is a new daddy to a little girl. Most of his day is spent behind a desk staring at a screen, like [...]

Brandon McKenzie

Interview with Brandon McKenzie 8-20-21 Brandon is in his in early 40’s and works from his home at his home office. Brandon is a busy professional who works in the financial industry. He started working [...]

Robert Spremulli

Robert Spremulli Interview August 19, 2021 Rob is in his 30’s and works in the high-tech world, spending most of his workday sitting at a desk and looking at a screen. Bob understood the importance [...]

Nutrition has become increasingly overwhelming

Nutrition has become increasingly overwhelming to understand over the years.    Why?    Because of all the misinformation and crappy cookie cutter programs that have been created.    Basic nutrition is simple; it equals FOOD [...]

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