Stephanie A. Parker, CPA

Certified Transformation Life Coach

Health & Financial Wellness Consultant, specializing in Guided Transformations

Are you like me? Were you the one who got hit by the dodge ball first in school? I dreaded gym and that game because it was so degrading. I wasn’t fast or strong and everyone knew it. Fast forward many years later and every so often, I still dream about being in the locker room hiding in the shower stalls so no one would find me. In the dreams, I am held back from graduating high school because I skipped too many gym classes. Sports and getting involved in them was not part of my life between ages 9and 22. My family lived an unusual life. I had a very ill sibling; I was the oldest of four and he was the youngest. My sister, only 14 months younger, and I devoted most of our spare time and energy to helping our parents with his day and night care. The stress and toll it takes on everyone in a family with childhood illness is hard to describe. Taking care of ourselves was not a priority, and we were not taught or mentored to do otherwise.

My journey with fitness and nutrition and taking care of my health started at the age of 51 in February 2013 when I could barely stand up, sit down, lay down or walk all resulting in a few weeks of wanting to die if I had to live with the pain for the rest of my life, never mind not being able to make a living managing my own business during a critical time of year, tax accounting busy season. I was a hot mess and suffering from an autoimmune disease-hyperthyroidism. This disease was going to kill me if I did not get it under control.

My chiropractor helped me over the years with sciatica but the suggestion he provided to me in February 2012 to start exercising to strengthen my core so that I could hold the monthly maintenance adjustments went nowhere due to my own insecurities, procrastination, laziness and yes, financial frugality. I totally lost sight of what is and should be the most important thing in life, no matter who you are, what you do in life and who depends on you and demands your time, it is your mind, body and soul working in harmony.  Without this, you are fragmented. Working together in harmony results in strength and control over your body and overall life.

Fast forward to March 2013, I was age 51 and hiring a fitness trainer and nutrition coach Michael LoColle.

Mike took the time to discuss my personal situation and goals and followed up with a plan of action to start as soon as I was ready.  I will admit, I was soooo nervous because I had to admit for the first time in my life that I was never physically fit, not even when I was very young.  I played golf with my husband for over 10 year and was in a golf league for a few years but my stamina was far below where it should have been and my ability to focus for any length of time was not great.  I realize now that my lack of good hand eye coordination was also a barrier, so I was never getting better at playing golf no matter how much I played.

In the past two years, Eric Natale has been my fitness trainer and he is keeping me is great physical condition. He picked up where Mike left off and takes great care of my husband Matt and I keeping us both physically active and mobile. We are now 60 and 59 and plan to continue our very active lifestyle.

We understand and respect the need for help in doing this. You can’t do it all by yourself.

This is what I have learned over the past years 9 years since hiring great fitness and nutrition coaches like Mike LoColle and Eric Natale.

  • A coach assesses and knows your weaknesses so you can’t hide any longer.
  • A coach keeps you accountable.
  • A coach pushes you because they know your abilities and potential.
  • A coach educates you about female and male hormones, how to build muscle safely and accurately and helps you understand that building muscle means you are burning calories (25 x more than fat) 1lb fat =1lb of muscle so best to get the muscle moving and working for you.
  • A coach teaches you the correct techniques to hundreds of exercises, the use of free weights and body building weightlifting.
  • A coach educates you about proper nutrition.
  • A couch creates a nutrition plan that fits your lifestyle and is sensitive to your likes and dislikes.

What has happened to me since 2013 and up to now year 2022 (9 years of being coached and guided), a 360 degree lifestyle change.

  • I have lost body fat and gained muscle, so I have muscle tone in my arms and building muscle in other areas of my body
  • I have lowered my blood pressure and it is perfect at age 59
  • I have incredible energy
  • I have great posture now (I was hunched over and never really stood up straight or looked like I was unevenly distributed)
  • I can lift and bend and stretch into positions that were prohibitive in my past
  • I feel great every day, not just some days
  • I am not on any medications-ZERO
  • I look forward to exercising
  • I look forward to living a long and healthy life well into my ripe old age because I see the results of building muscle and squeezing out pain
  • I have the confidence to move forward with physical activity and now find myself thinking, when can I go kayaking, biking, golfing, hiking and not sure what else is around the corner.
  • My mind, body and soul now live in harmony. I work hard at this. The work never ends.

Happy New Year

Your Health is your Wealth!

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