Jillian Cox

Jillian is a Personal Trainer at Soul Warrior Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness.  She holds a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Wellness from the University of New Hampshire and has a Certification in Personal Training from the American Counsel of Exercise (ACE). 

Jillian has always been active year-round by exploring the outdoors and in participating in school sports, having been a Division 1 Collegiate National Champion in Cheerleading while at UNH. Jillian appreciates how being active reduces stress levels and the overall feel-good effects of post-workout training. 

Jillian’s fascination with anatomy and how the body is fueled by nutrition led to her desire of becoming educated and certified in the field. She enjoys working with clients of all ages from young school aged clients to older adults. Helping younger clients is rewarding for her because it affords this population the opportunity to take care of themselves from an early age while helping the older population is equally fulfilling because it gets clients involved with their health and well-being for purposes of longevity. 

Jillian’s true passion is taking holistic approach to educating others on nutrition and instilling the importance of taking care of their bodies. She is inspired to help others replace unhealthy habits with better ones and reinforces how healthy lifestyle habits make clients look and feel better as a lifelong practice 

In her free time her favorite activities are walking her dog, playing with her nephews, being around friends and going on the boat!